'I Wait' live at Invention Studio - and the original recording

‘I Wait’ live at Invention Studio – and the original recording

Back in 2005, soon after ‘I Wait’ came to mind (the first and only song ever to form itself wholly inside my head), I quickly recorded what I’d ‘heard’. Those dreamlike, nocturnal moments are so easily lost, and I was determined not to let this one go.

Rooting through some old files over the last few days, I’ve found a few ancient things including that first recoding, and I like it. It reminds me that the music grew out of that simple, opening dialogue between the pizzicato bass and the piano. Later on I embellished it a little more; I had to write a fuller guitar part for the song as I didn’t have a piano for gigs back then, but this virgin recording makes me wonder if I should have left it as it was – not least because it was in a key that was kinder to my vocal chords! I guess there can always be many versions of a song, each of them offering something different. I hope you like this one.

‘I Wait’ – recorded in 2005.

Copyright Kellie Cox, all rights reserved.

Odd how these things come to pass. In the process of all the rooting around, I also happened to stumble across a video of one of my live performances of ‘I Wait’. This was recorded at Invention Studio, Bath, in April 2007 at an AMO Records event. Bonus points to anyone who can name the band you can hear playing on the other stage… 😉