'Rejects and MIsfits' artwork

‘Rejects and Misfits’

So it’s here, this old-but-new, new-but-old collection. It seemed appropriate to find a fitting name; it is, after all, a selection of old, dusty music (to me, anyway) that until now has had no home – apart from those ‘Pathos and Exaltation (Part 2)’ songs that I never did release properly prior to now. In ‘Rejects and Misfits’ you’ll find songs I’ve played live, others never yet heard, and even a couple that were intended to be part of ‘POAEM’ before it took off on its own journey. In an unprecedented move, I’ve even thrown in a demo of “Pathos and Exaltation (intro)” – please though, be prepared for that one because it truly IS a demo, just an idea for a setting I was playing with at a time when I longed for a band I could call my own. You’ll find a mighty rough performance and recording there; however, I wanted you to hear it as it gives you a view of me you won’t have had before, and also because I’m never likely to do anything like it again – unless of course I ever find that band. One for posterity, you might say. I hope you’ll find something pleasing among the dust and cobwebs, and thanks, in advance, for giving all this music your time and attention.