by Claire Burton

Kellie Cox is a composer, arranger and songwriter. Her work ranges from instrumental pieces and songwriting to piano solos and choral writing, reflecting the many different styles which have influenced her since childhood.

Growing up in Oxfordshire, Kellie began piano lessons at the age of 4. By 8 years old she was also learning the cello and her first paid work, aged 14, was as a piano accompanist for fellow cello students taking music exams. She performed in school concerts and local music competitions throughout her high school years and, in 1989, went to the University of Exeter where she studied composition, orchestration, and conducting with Philip Grange.

Northcott Theatre, 1990

Northcott Theatre, 1990

Graduating in 1992, Kellie went on to work in primary education as a teacher and music curriculum co-ordinator, sharing her love of music through singing, drumming, and “listening to as wide and varied a range of music as possible”. She also worked as a piano and music theory teacher with children and adults, and “witnessed first hand the power of music in raising self-esteem, particularly in children”.

Having settled in the South West with her own family, in 2001 Kellie decided to focus more attention on her own writing. In particular, she began to explore songwriting and, in 2006, began performing her own music for the first time at open mic and other events around Devon, debuting at a packed Dukes during Sidmouth Folk Week. During subsequent years she continued to refine her songwriting style through frequent performances, meeting and performing with local South West musicians, and writing her first collection, ‘Pathos and Exaltation (Part 1)‘ which was released in 2007. ‘Metamorphosis‘, a collection of mostly improvised instrumental pieces, followed in 2009. Kellie was featured on BBC Introducing (South West) in January 2009, where she performed two of the pieces from her work currently in development, ‘POAEM’.

Alongside her own work, Kellie has enjoyed an ongoing collaboration with Andrew Marshall since 2009 and appears on his 2016 album ‘A Finer State of Mind‘. She has worked and performed with a number of other artists including Fabric, featuring on their album ‘The Wait in 2009.